KOM Academy Review: Should You Enroll in Its Virtual Assistant Training Philippines?

Blind Online Content WriterAn honest review from Angelo Brian Peliño, a Batch 7 KOM Academy Davao Graduate who currently works a Deaf-Blind Online Content Writer. READ MORE HERE!]

Technology has grown immensely powerful today, that you can even get yourself out from the stressful routine of a corporate job in exchange for a comfortable source of handsome earnings! You just have to enroll in a good training course to prepare yourself for it and have a life with far lesser stress. This is what the Integrated Comprehensive Virtual Assistance Training and Coaching Program of the Knights of Online Marketers (KOM) Academy promises, thus you should know more about it and see what can it do for you as one of the top virtual assistant training in the Philippines.

What is KOM Academy?

If you want to start a life as a virtual assistant, you should know more about the Knights of Online Marketers or KOM Academy, and avail of its coaching programs for a good few steps towards online professions. However, it would be best to read this review and know what exactly can you have from it.

The KOM Academy is one of the top virtual assistance training providers in the Philippines and offers coaching programs for everyone who wants to embark on a life as a VA. Mainly, the program it provides is composed of 10 courses, albeit some specializations are occasionally added for the benefits of the trainees. It also provides initial support for graduates to find employers or clients after the course of the program, thus assuring their trainees of a clear path to start upon.

Courses Included in the Integrated Comprehensive Virtual Assistance Training and Coaching Program of the KOM Academy

The KOM Academy has at least 10 courses provided in each batch of trainees with few additional specializations. These 10 main courses are:

1. Administrative Course – helps you to learn using the main Google products for work-related, business or personal use.
2. Creative Course – helps you to enhance your skills in basic photo editing and eBook creation.
3. Social Media Process, Documentation, and Automation Course – this course could serve as your introduction to social media management which you can use for marketing and advertising.
4. Technical Course – helps you to learn basic HTML coding.
5. Introduction to Blogging Course – helps you to learn skills for content writing, content management and content promotion, and the tools you can use for it.
6. Basic Off-page SEO Course – helps you to learn the basic of search engine optimization (SEO) campaigns.
7. Email Marketing Course – helps you to learn Web Opt-In Form creation, working on mailing lists and running your campaigns with efficient transmission techniques.
8. Video Marketing Course – develops your skills in video production for professional or personal use.
9. Effective Online Publishing and T-shirt Marketing Course – helps you to learn direct publishing through Amazon Kindle, and learn how you can start a T-shirt marketing campaign.
10. Building Online Reputation Course – learn how to manage your image and reputation as a virtual assistant, and helps you to create effective portfolios and curriculum vitae for job application.

Pros and Cons of the KOM Academy

The KOM Academy has noble goals for people who want to become Virtual Assistants, but it’s still a training course program with its own share of flaws. It would be best to know about its positive and negative sides before enrolling, thus keeping yourself informed about it.

Pros of the KOM Academy

The KOM Academy’s founder and main instructor, Ma’am Piper Ramboanga, is a professional virtual assistant herself. This makes her perfectly capable of sharing her knowledge and skills as learnings for trainees. Aside from her proficiency, she’s also recognized by the Department of Information and Communications Technology (DICT), sighting her as a Trainer and Resource Person of the Rural Impact Sourcing Technical Training.

The Integrated Comprehensive Virtual Assistance Training and Coaching Program offered by the KOM Academy consists of at least 10 different courses, with several additional for specializations. This highlights the different basic knowledge and skills you must have to become a VA, thus making you capable of doing various tasks upon graduating. These courses cover learnings from the usage of various apps and products, creative skills enhancement, social media and marketing, basic web technical skills, search engine optimization, building of online reputation, and some other vital stuff you need to learn as a startup towards virtual assistance.

Ma’am Piper Ramboanga also has good connections with other expert Virtual Assistants in and outside Davao City. This makes it easy for her to find high-quality instructors for some courses which she deems requires more specialized emphasis, thus improving the quality of virtual assistant training Philippines KOM Academy can provide.

The support you can have from the KOM Academy doesn’t end upon training graduation. You can avail of their internship program, and even have support to find your first employer or client to practice your learnings. Moreover, you can have a good connection between instructors and fellow graduates, thus giving you an advantage in further searching of clients. These connections can also be seen as a good venue to keep yourself updated, and continuously learn from other Vas.

You only need to pay not more than 4,100 PHP to enroll for the Integrated Comprehensive Virtual Assistance Training and Coaching Program of the KOM Academy. This includes the main courses, plus some specializations for more learnings. Additionally, being a graduate of KOM can give you an opportunity to avail discounts for further training, and join booth camps for free.

Cons of the KOM Academy

The KOM Academy headquarters is situated in a small space in downtown Davao City. This is where the main training program is conducted, thus making it insufficient for batches with numerous trainees. When I took the training back in 2015, it only has 4 vacant units for those who cannot bring their own laptops, and it only has a space which is enough for not exceeding 15 or 20 trainees. This makes the KOM Academy incapable of accommodating too many trainees in a single batch.

Ma’am Piper Ramboanga also conducts training and seminars outside Davao City like in Gen. Santos City. When such scenarios take place, the main headquarters in Davao City wouldn’t schedule a training for the next few weeks. This is because the KOM Academy doesn’t have sufficient main instructors aside from Ma’am Piper Ramboanga. Fortunately, she has a good schedule management, hence she doesn’t schedule trainings in the main headquarters if she has an upcoming schedule outside Davao City. This is also the reason why you should know first the upcoming schedule of the KOM Academy before enrolling.

Why Should You Enroll in KOM Academy and Become a Virtual Assistant?

After knowing about the KOM Academy, you should have enough reasons for becoming a virtual assistant. You probably think that’s it’s just the same with a traditional job, but it can actually give huge advantages to you. Some of the good things it can cause to your life are:

1. You can work from the comfort of your own home. No hassle for daily commutes, no deadly work hours to comply and you don’t have to deal with huge office stressors each day. Just find an online job that would be perfect for you, and you can start a fresh new life after your training!

2. Virtual assistant training Philippines in KOM Academy is not like some other professions where in you have to complete few months or even years to finish. You just have to spend a couple of weeks for training, and you’re off to become a VA!

3. You don’t have to spend a fortune just to have a good coaching program in KOM Academy. Albeit it only provides basic stuff for your life as a VA, it’s already sufficient for you to start right away. You can even have good connections as your support on your new venture.

Final Words

If you want to change your life and earn without covering yourself with unnecessary stress, take virtual assistant training Philippines in KOM Academy, and start your journey as a VA! You just have to exert enough effort from your side, and you can surely push your wheels to move forward.

Click on their official website or visit their Facebook Page to know more info about it, and get yourself enrolled.


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