Paper with my Name (Testimonial from a Blind Content Writer)

Virtual Assistant Brian - KOM Academy[Written by: Angelo Brian Peliño] Taking the time portal back to late 2005, this was the time when I just totally lost my vision and was caged in our house for few months. During those days, I was fascinated with rap music playing on the radio and childishly hoped to be a rap artist someday. Eventually, I got my feet back to school on the following year and learned all about the Braille system for the blind. This intensified my desire to give a shot to my ambition, and I started by learning to write poems for me to learn how to create raps.

From there, I dug deeper into the world of literature and temporarily set aside my rap goals. But when the last year of high school slaps me awake, I realized writing couldn’t get me a handsome job for profit. That’s where I eyed for online writing jobs for possible sources of income, while college continuously calls for me. And so, I took up BS in Psychology which is also another interest of mine and pursued it up until graduation.

Apologies for such long Segway before my actual story with the Knights of Online Marketers Academy, but just ride on for the sake of relevance.

Few months after college, I heard about the training course program provided by the Knights of Online Marketers. A friend of mine who’s also a totally blind told me about this, and so I inquired with Ma’am Piper Ramboanga for more info about the Academy. Without any second thoughts, I immediately enrolled in the program and goes through the training towards being a virtual assistant.

The training in KOM Academy went smoothly in more than two weeks. Albeit accessibility issues with software applications and some important websites wasn’t eliminated, trying to find some other routes to go on was excellently done. A wide range of topics was offered by KOM Academy like SEO, Basic HTML, newsletter creation, Photo Shaft editing, and blogging among many others. All are truly beneficial for VA newbies, and could perfectly serve as a starting point for a great career.

I have the chance to be an SEO specialist. I can even be an HTML developer if I wish. Learning how to be a BlogSpot and WordPress ninja can also be aimed by my basic skill sets. Nonetheless, I am a writer. I am a writer and my pen is always waiting for me. That’s why I grabbed my pen back up, and voila! I’m here.

It took me for almost two years before I landed a stable job. Luckily, I grabbed two clients as of now. Albeit I admit, I’m not a jack of all trades when talking about the VA profession, at least I’m sure I’m on my way towards mastering my writing skills.

Virtual Assistant Angelo Brian PelinoDoing various writing stuff, and developing my skills towards being a professional freelance writer. Earning while staying on track with the reason of my pen sure is enjoyable!

Aside from being a freelance writer, I am also a part of a literary group and have successfully taken part in co-authoring two published books with poems and flash fictions. With the current state of myself, I can say I’ve managed to make my way towards the goal that I want cleverly. Next stop? Recording studios, perhaps.

This wouldn’t be possible without the KOM Academy who has shown me the bridge towards online venture. You must know the massive interface of the cyberspace, and trying to land a job without any ideas where to start can be compared to finding a needle in a stack of hay.

Writing a poem always get me thinking about few things, and sometimes I can’t stop thinking about myself years ago. Started with a childish ambition, turning out to be worth to dream about as I ride on the paper with my name on it.

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