THE KOM ACADEMY, A Virtual Assistant Training Center Philippines

Skills Development and Enhancement Program
Integrated Comprehensive Virtual Assistant Training



The Skills Development and Enhancement Program (SDEP), also known as Integrated Comprehensive Virtual Assistance Training and Coaching Program, of the KOM Academy is outlined to offer to different sectors of the youth in the society (out-of-school, barangay-based, non-school-based, and working youth) as well as people with disability, single parents, students, young professionals, and those unemployed who are interested to learn integrated knowledge and skills related to and on how to become a competent, knowledgeable, and skillful Virtual Assistant globally through comprehensive conferences and practical hands-on examinations.



  • To introduce and train the participating individual in the IT-BPM Industry for future employment to provide stable engagement in their career.
  • To empower the participating individual with technical and non-technical skills required for them to completely do well in working online.
  • To provide an additional gateway for employment for participating individual in working even in the comfort of their own home.
  • To create a group and network for individuals working as a Virtual Assistant to work with other Virtual Assistant Organizations in Mindanao.
  • To instigate inspiration and encouragement for the society to turn out to be a career-oriented professional.



1. 10-Module Skills Development and Enhancement Program (SDEP)

  • Module 01 – Administrative Services for Personal, Business, and Work-Related Projects
  • Module 02 – Basic Graphic Designing for Non-Designers and Professionals
  • Module 03 – Content Marketing: A Beginner’s Guide in Starting a Blog
  • Module 04 – Email Marketing: A Beginner’s Guide in Starting a Mailing List
  • Module 05 – Facebook Management: How to Build Online Presence Using Facebook Business Pages
  • Module 06 – Facebook Advertisment: How to Find and Capture the Right People Using Facebook Ads
  • Module 07 – Video Marketing: Creating Impressive Video Resume and Promotional Videos
  • Module 08 – T-Shirt Marketing: How to Use T-Shirts as Marketing Weapon
  • Module 09 – Creating Curriculum Vitae, Cover Letters, and Profiles in Freelancing Sites
  • Module 10 – Online Reputation Management: Building Online Portfolio and Global Payment Service Accounts

2. 2 Bonus Classes for the Continuing Professional Education Program (CPEP)

  • Adobe Photoshop Training
  • Search Engine Optimization Training

3. 1 Free Class for Financial Literacy and Management Program (FLMP)

4. 5 Paid Virtual Assistant Tools and Software

  • Photo Editor and Screen Capture
  • Video Editor and Screen Recorder
  • Premium Account on Grammar Checker
  • Kindle Book Creator
  • PDF Creator, Converter and Editor

5. 14 Certificates of Training Completions

  • 1 Certificate of Training Completions (40 Hours Training)
  • 10 Certicifate of Participation per Module
  • 3 Certificate of Participation per Bonus Class


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