Virtual Assistant Orientation Program (VAOP) Roadshow of KOM and DICT Mindanao Cluster III as a Rural Impact Sourcing Initiative

Virtual Assistant Orientation Program (VAOP) Plaque of AppreciationSince 2015, the Knights of Online Marketers (KOM) has been an active Strategic Partner and Industry Collaborator of the Department of Information and Communications Technology (DICT) Field Operations Office Mindanao Cluster III (FOO-MC3) under the firm leadership of Cluster Director Alimbzar Azum, CESO V.

It was during the ICT Multi-stakeholders’ Forum and BIMP-EAGA Livelihood Exchange, held August 20, 2015, at SMX Convention Center when KOM started to collaborate with the cluster in promoting digital opportunities using information and communications technology. The partnership then continued by an invitation to be the Resource Person to talk about the Rural Impact Sourcing Initiative Programs during the Davao del Norte ICT Multistakeholders’ Forum held March 20, 2016, at the Provincial Capitol of Davao del Norte. After which, series of events where organized having KOM and DICT Mindanao Cluster III (MC 3) as Industry Partners.

January 2017 when MC3 organized and facilitated a roadshow aiming to promote job employment through information and communications technology in the countryside. Since the objectives are also aligned with the advocacy-based mission of the Knights of Online Marketers, a public-partnership was initiated. Hence, the start of the “Virtual Assistant Orientation Program (VAOP) Roadshow” with local government units as a support system.

BRIEF: The Virtual Assistant Orientation Program (VAOP) of KOM

The Virtual Assistant Orientation Program (VAOP), or otherwise known as the “Virtual Assistant Boot Camp: How to Work and Do Business Online,” is a regular event of the Knights of Online Marketers (KOM), where the KOM Academy, its Academic Division providing training for online services, will conduct a general orientation on how to work and do business online to different regions and cities of the Philippines in partnership with public and private organizations.

The Virtual Assistant Orientation Program (VAOP), generally concentrates on giving the right knowledge to the public as to what working online is all about particularly on how to start engaging with this growing profitable industry. This is not just a job and employment opportunity for the participating individual, but it is also a business opportunity for those who desire to establish their own online business, making them competitive both in the local and international market.



The KOM-DICT VAOP Roadshow Started

The Provincial Field Team of DICT Mindanao Cluster 3 identified target cities and municipalities as beneficiaries of the orientation program (arranged alphabetically):

Provincial Field Team Lead: Engr. Elodie Tuquib

Bansalan June 6, 2017 Mayor Quirina Sarte
Kiblawan February 14, 2017 Mayor Jaime Caminero
Magsaysay February 17, 2017 Mayor Arthur Davin
Malalag February 15, 2017 Mayor Peter Paul T. Valentin
Matanao February 16, 2017 Mayor Vicente Fernandez
Padada March 24, 2017 Mayor Gladys A. Razonable-Gascon
Santa Cruz February 10, 2017 Mayor Alexis Almendras
Sulop June 20, 2017 Mayor Maria Sagarino

Provincial Field Team Lead: Engr. Eduardo Tuquib

Asuncion February 21, 2017 Mayor Eufracio Dayaday
Braulio E. Dujali March 27, 2017 Mayor Leah Marie Moral-Romano
Carmen February 13, 2017 Mayor Marcelino A. Perandos
Island Garden City of Samal January 12, 2017 Mayor Al David Uy
Kapalong February 20, 2017 Mayor Maria Theresa Royo-Timbol
Panabo City February 9, 2017 Mayor James G. Gamao
Santo Tomas March 28, 2017 Mayor Daniel “Jun” Batosalem Jr.
Tagum City March 29, 2017 Mayor Allan L. Rellon

Provincial Field Team Lead: Engr. Paulette Gevera

Lupon April 28, 2017 Mayor Erlinda Lim
Banaybanay March 14, 2017 Mayor Adalia Tambuang
Mati City May 8, 2017 Mayor Carlo Luis P. Rabat
San Isidro April 26, 2017 Mayor Justina Buenviaje Yu

Provincial Field Team Lead: Engr. Ernie Vargas

Don Marcelino March 23, 2017 Mayor Michael Maruya
Malita June 14, 2017 Mayor Bradly Bautista Jr.
Saranggani (Balut Island) March 21, 2017 Mayor Jerry T. Cawa

Provincial Field Team Lead: Engr. Ibrahim Guiapar

Province of Sultan Kudarat February 23 2017 Governor Sultan Pax S. Mangudadatu

As the Department of Information and Communications Technology (DICT), governed and directed by Secretary Atty. Rodolfo Salima, continues to generate more opportunities for Filipinos through their Rural Impact Sourcing Programs, the Knights of Online Marketers (KOM) will continue, as well, to deliver their advocacy-based mission of providing training and developing Filipino workforce of potential IT-BPM talents to ensure constant quality of the services that they can provide to foreign and local clients.

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