How I Earned My 137,800 Pesos in 52 Weeks?

52-Week ChallengeLast December 2016, while browsing my Facebook newsfeed, I encountered an article sharing their successful journey and experiences about saving money through a 52-WEEK CHALLENGE. Upon reading the content of one section of the article, the author leaves a demanding statement that goes “Want to save over P130,000 by the end of the year? Then give the 52-Week Money Challenge a try!”

That gave me an idea to ACCEPT THE CHALLENGE since we always have this New Year’s Resolution of saving money. Well, if this is a challenge and a resolution then it will require a greater sense of responsibility, especially in the responsible approach to saving money. I asked myself, if others did it, then what’s the reason that I cannot?


When I checked other related contents about this type of challenge, it is mainly just saving a specific value of money on a weekly basis but requires an increment of the same amount the following week. And so on and so forth. You can choose from saving one peso to 20.00 pesos, to 50.00 pesos, to 100.00 pesos, to 500.00 pesos, or even as high as 1,000.00 pesos per week.

Basing on my available capacity to save, I choose the 100.00 pesos per week increment. Some of my Facebook friends also accepted the challenge, and they started from 20.00 pesos and 50.00 pesos. It may sound effortless to accomplish until the end of the year but, somehow, I was wrong.


But I didn’t stop because I said from the beginning that if others did it, then what’s the reason I cannot?

To start the year 2017, I created a Google Spreadsheet to monitor the progress of the challenge (see capture below). Apparently, from Week 1 to Week 15, saving the increment value was easy. But when I reached Week 16, I encountered the real challenge here. And yes, I need to continue. Every week that I had the savings, I marked the cell with color green. The more COLOR GREEN, the better. It means I am close to achieving the final weeks.

52-Week Money Challenge

52-Week Money Challenge

To encourage myself not to fail the challenge, I opened a dedicated bank account via RCBC Savings Account where all of the money to be saved from this “opportunity” will be deposited directly. This newly opened bank account will serve as a separate account with my savings versus my 52-week Money Challenge savings.

Fast forward to date, December 31, 2017 (the end of the year), that feeling that you SUCCESSFULLY ACCOMPLISHED A CHALLENGE is very fulfilling. I realized that if you are focussing on the responsibility you accepted, you will achieve the goal you always wanted to aim. Remember, the road to success is not easy to navigate. But with persistent hard work, well-founded drive, and unwavering passion, it is very promising to achieve your dreams.”

AND YES! I will be doing it again this 2018! Who wants to join me in accepting this challenge for this coming year? Happy New Year everyone!

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