KOM Philippines, A Virtual Staffing Solutions

Are you a solo entrepreneur, agency, enterprise, or startup?
Do you catch yourself being unused or wasted with the tasks you know that you should contract out and outsource?
Would you like to increase the return on your investments while saving your money paying for virtual staffs?

GOT PROJECTS? Outsource them to us!

Why outsource to the Philippines through the Knights of Online Marketers?

  1. Online Filipino Workers will work in a controlled environment to guarantee 100% delivery of quality service.
  2. Large-scale database of highly skilled Online Filipino Workers certified by finishing the Integrated Comprehensive Virtual Assistant Training and Coaching Program of the KOM Academy.

Our services are:

  1. Exceptionally Inexpensive
  2. Online Supremacy
  3. Fast Influential Web Presence

We may not be the smartest outsourcing solutions but we are the most dedicated and the most competitive virtual workers in town. We’re all about quality!

Who are our talented Virtual Staffs?

  1. General Administrative Virtual Assistants
  2. Content Writing Virtual Assistants
  3. Real Estate Virtual Assistants
  4. Social Media Virtual Assistants
  5. Online Bookkeepers and Accountants
  6. Graphic Designer Virtual Assistants

We are the most affordable, reasonable and low-priced outsourcing services in the Philippines!

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