Golden Globe Annual Awards for Business Excellence

    The Golden Globe Annual Awards for Business Excellence is conferred to companies that have achieved business excellence. This Awards and Recognition Program is a joint undertaking of Golden Globe Awards Council, National Data Research Examiner and Marketing Services, Inc., Philippine Best Companies. Com, Inc., SINAG News Magazine and SINAG Foundation, Inc. The Award’s[…]

KOM Academy Batch 10 Graduates

KOM Academy Batch 10 Graduates 01. Amora, Menerva 02. Arsua Glyza 03. Asares, Gerlly 04. Balida, Rochella 05. Damondamon, Mary Jean 06. Dominguez, Maricel 07. Guimbaolibot, Gladys 08. Larobis, Aiza Maureen 09. Lazalita, Ma.Theresa 10. Magoncia, Zahyen 11. Tesoro, Rona Mae 12. Vicedo, Lyra 13. Yambao, Manuel payday loans in washington


KNIGHTS OF ONLINE MARKETERS Your Success is Our Responsibility The Integrated Comprehensive Virtual Assistance Training and Coaching Program is outlined to offer to different sectors of the youth in the society (out-of-school, barangay-based, non-school-based, and working youth) as well as people with disability, single parents, students, young professionals, and those unemployed who are interested to[…]