Thinking about the future of work, the Knights of Online Marketers (KOM) is a VISIONARY Philippine-based business process outsourcing company providing innovative web solutions to foreign and local clients.

Favoring innovation and growth of the online outsourcing industry, as a FORWARD-THINKING company, KOM also offers SURPRISING levels of training for skills development, skills enhancement, continuing professional education, as well as advanced learning for career advancement.

Having an ENTREPRENEURIAL advantage and BOLDER benefit that the company offers to potential and experienced online professionals, the company is committed to empowering digital workers to become digital entrepreneurs by organizing and structuring their home-grown outsourcing companies.




We, at the Knights of Online Marketers (KOM), are committed to growing into one of the finest business process outsourcing service provider in the region with up-to-date yet cost-effective services to the best client experience and quality of life in the online industry.

The Knights of Online Marketers will be one of the recognized prominent organizations in Davao City that are globally competitive in providing Business Process Outsourcing (BPO) services. This is through consistently providing a combination of a dedicated virtual worker and cost-effective services that will benefit businesses to acquire online marketing opportunities necessary to establish improvements of their business performance in the online industry.




We, at the Knights of Online Marketers (KOM), will do our best and make every effort to enhance the quality of our company guided by the following Mission Statements:

Provide an up-to-date business process outsourcing services through a trusted partnership with foreign and local online marketers in order to deliver satisfaction by offering a service with competency and skills expected (professionalism) and firmness of purpose (determination).

Provide employment opportunities to individuals who are committed to accomplishing a task and purpose (dedication) that will allow them to grow into globally competitive employees where they can handle difficulties with self-control and without any complaints (perseverance).

Provide community extension services through working with the citizens of the community with an attitude of propriety and decency in behavior (modesty) and to acquire the quality of being devoted to a cause that will contribute good fortune and well-being of the public (commitment).




The SHIELD signifies the company’s protection, security, and safety to all non-tangible properties such as the client’s business information, article contents, and other relative data from potential threats, possible risks, or unpleasant experiences that might come about in the course of promotion, advertising, and campaign in the World Wide Web.

The SIX STARS signifies the core values of the company:
Dedication, Commitment, Perseverance, Modesty, Professionalism, and Determination.